Monday, 18 August 2008

ARRAN- Sunday

Our Hotel- the Lagg Hotel in the South of the Isle
Everyone limbering up before we went on our walk Wendy freaking Ed out by sitting a bit too close to the waterfall- but what a great picture!!

Everyone cooling off by the waterpools... Nathan and Ed played pooh sticks but my camera had run out of battery by that point!! They are really just 9 year old boys!!

Nathan going for a dook!! Crazy boy, it was so cold!!
Hannah trying to dip one toe into the water!!

The last day of our Arran trip and the same group that went cycling decided to go for a hike in the woods... again Nathan's Scotland the Best book pointed us in the direction of a great walk to a beautiful waterfall... it was pretty hard going and really steep!!
When we got the waters we had a bit of paddle but it was so cold!! Nathan the crazy man that he is went in fully!! Not quite sure how.. us girls had trouble working ourselves up to dip in a toe!!
It was a great end to the trip and after lunch we all got back on the ferry and headed home!!
Although it was only 4 days I felt like I had a great break!! Lots of fun and out door activity!

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