Monday, 18 August 2008

Wendy's birthday!

We had great tapas at a new place on George Street and then we headed to Gran Cruz for some Prosecco... I have some great photos of Wendy blowing out her candles but I can't flip them round the right way so they will have to be posted at a later date.

Ed posing at the camera...he had a whole routine-Blue Steel!! But it would take up the entire post!! Loreen, Zara and myself (I came straight from getting my hair cut! It's so much blondier!! Hooray!! But a little too short! I want to try and grow it.. but as ever Michelle gave me a great cut! I am happy with it... I just wish it would grow!!)

We ended the night by all going to the Spiegel Tent- this is a specific venue that is set up for the festival every year.. they put up bars etc in a garden in the centre of town... it is so much fun and you bump into loads of people you know... I lost Nathan for most of the night as he kept meeting up with friends he hadn't seen in ages.

We also meet up with Hillary randomly- we had great fun with her and her girls from work and ended the night by getting the night bus back to our temporary end of town.. it was pretty easy but not as easy as stumbling home to the West End!!

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Heidi said...

LOVE your are stunningly beautiful as ever!! Sounds like lots of fun celebrations!