Wednesday, 6 August 2008

ARRAN- Saturday

After staying up until the bitter end (about 4am on Saturday morning) in the hotel lounge drinking from Wendy and I's makeshift bar I was very impressed with myself that I managed to get up for breakfast! But then I surpassed all expectations- my own included! by cycling 16 miles!!
Hillary in the foreground pretending to be really excited!! Ed (looking bored!) Wendy, Nathan and Hannah.

Now just incase you think I've turned into Lance Armstrong over night I did spend then majority of the trip at the back off the group- although I might add I was more than happy to be there- dondering along!! It took me a while to figure out all the gears etc... last time I was on a bike I only had about 3 gears- this bike had about 6 for each wheel!! (it totally flumixed me!) Also I got a bike with a baby seat and so we put my rucksack in the back (which of course weighed me down more!!.. well that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it!)
We left from Brodick and cycled up past Brodick castle, that we'd been to the day before and up through Corrie, the most beautiful little place. Then Nathan had read in his Scotland the best book (great valentines gift from yours truely!) that the best cakes on the island were in the Corrie Golf Club tearoom (for some reason the golf course wasn't in Corrie but a few miles out in Saxxon) and I have to say the cakes did not dissapoint!!
I didn't have a lunch- just banoffee pie!! Totally undoing any goodness I'd done with the cycling but it was VERY good!!
We then turned back around and cycled back to the Corrie Pub and whilst the boys sat in the beer garden us girls went looking round the rock pools- it was like we were 7 again!
Then the girlies got a head start which I ruined by requesting that we stop at Corrie so I could take loads more pictures!! The cottages are so beautiful and each has a small front garden and then the road in front of it... then their front gardens continue all the way to the water!
Also the island is right in the way of the gulf stream so benefits from the warmer waters.. palm trees in Scotland!!

I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day so I had a small nap when we got back and the rest of our merry cycling crew went for a swim (well I think Hillary and Wendy watched!) By all accounts the water was pretty cold!! (quite glad I missed out on that one!)

And then I was ready for our evening adventures at the beach!


Jennie Landels said...
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Heidi said...

16 miles...I am so proud of you, especially on no sleep!! I am LOVING this trip!