Thursday, 28 August 2008

Kate, Alexander and Charlie

This is my friend from university , Kate and her beautiful son, Charlie- and my Godson. He is usually very smiley but for some reason the day I went up to visit them in Perth he just would not smile for the camera!

I had a great day in their company and enjoyed feeding the ducks with Alexander, who is almost
three. He has grown up so much since I saw him last- a proper little boy! They are both such boys- Charlie sat and either ate the bread or ate the stones on the peeble bank! Or threw the stones at the ducks!! The ducks weren't shy or put off by people, quite the contray! They were practically taking it out our hands!
Afterwards we went for lunch to a lovely little cafe near kate called cupcakes. They give you the cutest tiniest cupcakes to try or have for free with your coffee. Or you can induldge like Alexander and I did and have a big cupcake! Very tasty!

Below: Alexander eating his cupcake!
The smile that we were trying to capture on camera all day!! One year and 2 months of mischief! He is learning to walk right now and is so proud of himself... he struts around and looks back as if to say 'check me out!'

I love spending time with Kate- she is such a great friend. It is harder to find time to visit now as she's gone back to working part time in the hospital- she is a Doctor. How she does it I have no idea! I can't even manage myself never mind two wee boys, a husband and a beautiful home.

I don't know whether it's her medical mind but she remembers everything you tell her... so whenever we meet up she asks me about things that I forget we've talked about!!

We also love to write letters and notes to each other- a letter from her always brings a smile to my face!!

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