Monday, 18 August 2008

Piki's 30th!

On August 1st we all went to Leith to celebrate Colin Pikivance's 30th Birthday! We had a great night and ended up in the Port'O'Leith- a really old pub that used to be frequented by sailor's coming into the Docks... it was quite surreal as when we walked in they were having a school disco night and all the staff including Mary who owns the bar was dressed as a St Trinians school girl!! They played great music and we were all dancing and singing along at the top of our voices!!

Below: Wendy and Piki- I took this photo at midnight... it was Piki's birthday before midnight and Wendy's birthday after!

Above: Piki and his Dad, Mr Pikivance stayed out with us and was great banter!
Above: the girlies- Zara, Vicki (with her eyes shut- sorry Vic) and Wendy

Everyone in the Pot'o'Leith... I have some crazier pictures but at the moment my computer won't turn photos round from landscape to portrait!! Rubbish!! But you get the ambience of the night!!

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