Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Hainbach and Greaney's wedding!

Hillary Nathan and I just after we returned from church. I did a reading for Emma and Sean from the book of Ruth:

Wherever you go I will go; Wherever you live I will live
Your people will be my people and your God will be my God too..........

It only lasted 5 minutes or less but I was so nervous! They had a microphone for me to talk into and i was sure everyone could hear my heart beating through the mic!! I was so pleased to have been given the honour to read and was well complemented afterwards! Which was lovely!

This is Emma and Sean Greaney's car as it drove up the driveway of Rathsallagh House Hotel. There was a piper at the top of the drive which you can just see on the left hand side if you look closely! It was a gorgeous setting!!
I love this photo- they did a similar thing at Annabelle and Pete's wedding earlier in the year- getting all the kilted fellows together with the bride.

Emma's Dad and 2 brothers, who are all Irish along with some of their fellow countrymen donned the kilt to get into the spirit of the day!

There were lots of references during the speeches regarding the two nations and our similarities and differences- very funny!
The Irish ladies looking beautiful in their fantastic dresses! They are so much fun! I love how much they all dress up! They were the same in Madrid!

The Popl Neros Ladies.
(clockwise, starting bottom left: Emma B, Lynne, Laura and Hillary)

I originaly met Emma back in October 2000 when we both worked in a bar in Dundee. I had worked there for over 10 months but only stayed on one more month after Emma started (nothing personal!!) but Emma continued on working there all throughout University.
There was a Popl's reunion (pretty much!) at the wedding! With 6 of us in total having worked there at some time or other. I used to work with Lynn and Hillary.

Emma's Aunt told a wonderful story whilst we were sitting in the pew waiting in the church for her (she took forever!) that when she was small she would always dress up in gorgeous little dresses (and still does) When they were on holiday she was dancing/ twirling around and went up to two little girls who were dressed more casually- she asked them where their dresses were and they said they hadn't got any with them- she apparently replied- 'oh! what a shame for you! '.. or something to that affect!! and went back to twirling!

Everyone having champagne in the courtyard before the reception. You can see Emma B's fantastic silver full length bridesmaid dress- it looked so 40's Hollywood glamour!

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