Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Emma and Sean's Reception

The Reception was so much fun and the food was AMAZING!! I could have taken a photo of each and every one of the 5 courses!! But the venue was so quaint it made it feel really relaxed and informal... we had a fantastic time at our table and such fun on the dance floor! Singing and kicking up our heels!!
Emma and Sean with their cake- Sean is clearly delighted!! not quite sure why he is pointing!!
Emma's gorgeous Mum and Dad; Ken and Helen- they are so lovely!

The singer, Sharon (who sadly isn't pictured) was amazing!! She got everyone involved and created such a great atmosphere- all the guys here are signing traditional scottish songs! Sean with his Dad and groomsmen and Nathan (who seemed to know the words to all the songs- including being the only one who knew an Irish traditional song all the way through!! (too much rugby internationals!! ) But it was great that he joined in so much. All the girlies dancing! I have a million great photos of everyone strutting their stuff on the dance floor!
I believe the boys are trying to reenact the scene in Dirty Dancin- Patrick Swayze they are not!!

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Heidi said...

So fun - that cake is amazing!!