Thursday, 4 September 2008

Flat Update!

Nathan moved back into our flat this past week after checking out our festival visitors who left the place SO tidy!! They really looked after the place which really pleased me- as you do worry!

I think we've pretty much signed them up for next year too!!

But to ensure we are okay for money- with me still not having anything permanent (freelance is great but there is no certainty) We have decided to rent out our 2nd bedroom.... but it's not bad at all as Nathan's friend from rugby, Ed (who is Argentina) has moved in.

Both Nathan and I get on really well with him and his girlfriend Wendy (you'll have seen pictures of them in my blog before) Wendy will be staying there a while as her new flat is being done up but they are such welcome additions to our home.

It was weird going back this weekend and having not been in the flat for a month and everything has changed!!! We still don't have all our stuff out of storage either so it doesn't quite feel like home.

It will probably take some getting used to- especially as now I will be living with 2 really tall, large rugby players! They take up a lot of space!!

Suprisingly when the four of us were there this weekend it didn't feel like we were on top of each other- I think the flat layout lends it's well to more than 2 people in it!

At least Nathan has company whilst I am down here and it will really help financially.

I think Wendy is also delighted as previously Ed was staying in the rugby club flats which are not the cleanist places in the world! I have said she can help herself to any of my cooking utensils- I think she felt she might be risking her life if she cooked with some of the pots and pans in Ed's old flat!! he he!!

So Welcome Ed and Wendy- I hope they are settling in well and making the house their home!

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