Monday, 8 September 2008

My hero pouncing to victory!!

Since I am down in London I am missing out on Nathan's start to the rugby season.

My Dad was along watching him this Saturday and what a game he had.. they won- just!! with a little help from my hero!!

One website said-'Nathan Pike was the Accies hero as he pounced for the winning try as they pipped County in a thrilling encounter at Raeburn Place.'

Here is the scotsman report ....but the funniest is one report on the Sunday that called him Mason Pike!! So he's decided it should be his alter ego!! Oh dear!! I worry about what sort of mischief 'Mason Pike' gets into whilst I'm away!!

I'm so pleased they won their game and I'm very proud of Nathan- I wish I could have been there!! (I miss him loads!!)

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