Wednesday, 17 September 2008

More Wedding Photos!

The Wedding was held at the Waldorf Hotel near Covent Garden and the room was beautifully laid out. There were 12 tables of 10 and ours is nearest to the front of this photo. Right beside the dance floor where the live band that was playing. After the reception there was also a disco.

David's Mum Cheryl gave her welcome speech which was followed by a warm hearted speech by Amber's Dad... those American's always get you with the tear jerking comments and sentiment!

Becky spinning Lucy aroung- alot! This is what Becky seemed to be doing for a lot of the evening. Then I took over and my arms were about to fall off! But she was great fun! So comical!
Below: Lucy, Becky, Dougie and Sarah. I really like this photo!
Becky caught the bouquet!! She text my Mum in America and told her and she replied that 'she'd warned Dad!!' It was very cute!! Dougie commented that it didn't count as Amber had a mis throw the first time.... I think it still counts though!!

This photo shows how lovely the dresses are. I wasn't sure at first but seeing them on the day they looked great and were a brilliant colour. I loved the backlessness of Amber's dress. Really simple and elegant. Gorgeous!!

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Vicki said...

How fun and I love those dresses!