Friday, 5 September 2008

Tate Modern

Further up the South Bank is the Tate Modern- this is a relatively new gallery, built in 2000, that was formerly a power station. There is a big drive in London to regenerate a lot of the formerly industrial areas.

It showcases some fantastic modern art and so my mum and I went to see an expressionist artist's exhibition- Cy Twombly is an American artist well known for his large scale, freely-scribbled, calligraphic style graffiti paintings; on solid fields of mostly gray, tan or off-white colors. He exhibits his paintings worldwide.

Expressionism is not my favourite style of painting- I like realism. But I could really get his mood and feelings from these paintings- they had great descriptions beside them which really put it all into context.
We had a great view from the Tate across to St Paul's Cathedral and to the City. In these photographs you can see the Dome of St Paul's - which I can never help but think of Mary Poppins and the lady who signs 'feed the birds' on it's steps!

Also pictured is the gherkin building in the city... I took these photos with my Mum's camera which is set for taking architectural photos- I love how it make the clouds look!

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