Friday, 5 September 2008

Old English Traditions

After looking around Borough Market we walked along the Thames South Bank and we saw Drake's Gallion- Drake was one of Queen Elizabeth's Admirals .

Then further on we walked past the recently build Shakespeare's Globe. This is a replica of the original Globe Theater where Shakespeare's productions were preformed- a lot of people will be familiar with it as it looks very like the set used in Shakespeare in love. We went in an booked for one of their shows on the Sunday night.

When we came out of the Globe their were Morris Dancers performing with members of the public. According to Wikipedia: A Morris dance is a form of English folk dance usually accompanied by music. It is based on rhythmic stepping and the execution of choreographed figures by a group of dancers. Implements such as sticks, swords, and handkerchiefs may also be wielded by the dancers. There are claims that English records of the Morris dance dating back to 1448 exist.It was really fun to watch- they hit their sticks together a lot and they all have bells and bows on their ankles... think I might get myself a pair!! What do you think!!?

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