Tuesday, 9 September 2008

London Life!

Saturday 6th of September

Well this weekend I got settled into London life a bit more and ventured out of my comfort zone to meet some friends!
First off I meet Emma B in Covent Garden and we had a lovely long lunch at the Rock Garden and had an overdue catch up! It was so good to see her and hear about her job at Diabetes UK. It sounds really interesting and she seems glad she's made the move to London.

We then did a wee mini look round the shops but apart from 2 cards I didn't buy anything- apart from the fact my current account doesn't look to healthy there was not much I saw- unless it was winter/ autumn clothes and I am trying to pretend that isn't happening- quite yet!! I still have my 'summer' vacation to go on!!


Then after I left Emma I got the Underground to the North of London and meet up with Amber and David who were at David's Mum's house putting the finishing touches to the wedding plans!!

I have cute pictures of them in IKEA getting Hurricane Lamps which I will post when I get my photos! (I hope I am not ruining the surprise about their decor!!)

They kindly treated me to a very tasty Thai meal and it was great to see where Amber will be living and see a little of their life there.

David had to drop me off at the Underground Station so I didn't miss the last tube- it's so weird that everything is so far in London! I am so not used to big cities!! But I made it- with a little detour!! (I jumped on the wrong tube and had to switch!!) oops! Well I'm just learning!

Sunday 7th SeptemberI met Pete McLean for brunch from foodieboxes.. you might remember I did some work for him earlier in the year- it was good to see him. He was in London for a trade show. It was nice to hear some of the things I had put his way had come to fruition! He also has some great things lined up for later in the year and is doing a big push on Christmas. So if any of you out there are looking for ideas then go to the Foodieboxes website!

Pete also has his own blog on the foodieboxes site: Click Here to access

We had a great brunch at Carluccios... this is my favourite breakfast place in London!! I love it!

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