Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Amber and David's Wedding!

Amber and David Goldapple after their ceremony. They had a civil ceremony and then a Jewish blessing which was very beautiful and filled with tradition. The Kiddush cup that they drank their wine out of was leant to them by David's Grandfather who has had it in his family for years.
Becky and Dougie. I have some beautiful pictures of them which are length ways- I will need to get them up! Becky looked amazing- I loved the bridesmaid dresses.
Me and Lucy Crawford- Wilkinson. Lucy sat next to me at dinner and was very entertaining!
Becky and I
Sarah Crawford-Wilkinson, Amber Goldapple, Lucy Crawford-Wilkinson and Karen Lindsey- Amber's Mum. Lucy is Amber's Goddaughter and Sarah's son Sebastian is Becky's godson- but he stayed with his Dad and new sister Claudia in Edinburgh.

I have loads more photos of the wedding! 150+ (I won't post them all!) But I need to flip them right side up and my photo CD is playing up for the moment so hopefully I can do it tomorrow.

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