Thursday, 4 September 2008

Emma and Sean- The Wee Small Hours!!

Above: Rhys and Lynne Jones, Ben and Chantelle Mayer and Myself and Nathan! These guys were on our table during the dinner and we had so much fun!! Along with Hillary and Laura.

We were playing drinking games (but ours were similar to ones you played in Brownies or Scouts!) Firstly we were all musical instruments... so round our table you had to do your musical instruments actions (I was a triangle!! Not sure why!!) and I would do my action then follow it with another... Maracas (Nathan's) then he'd have to do his followed by someone elses-and so it moved round the table- we had guitars, saxaphones and all sorts!!

Then we moved on to animals! This was the best fun and towards the end of dinner so it started to get a little noisey!! It was so funny! Then Emma's Mum, Helen (mother of the bride) joined us- she was brilliant at it!! And then Sean's 2 little nephews became part of the game (we stopped doing the drinking at this point!) They were a lion and a tiger- hard to tell the difference between their actions but so cute!!

We were such a hit (or maybe because we made so much noise!!) but the second song after Emma and Sean did their gorgeous first dance was for us- from the Jungle Book!! ' I wan'na be like you' We went crazy on the dance floor!! Such a great giggle!!

At about 12.30- 1am when the reception was finishing this brilliant Irish folk band started up in the residents bar (Emma and Sean's wedding had taken up all of the hotel so they were only keeping up their friends and family!- not that anyone except the wee ones were in bed (and they were right at the other side of the courtyard)

They played some fantastic sets and we were all singing along, arm in arm... it was a fantastic end to a brilliant day!!

I think we made it to bed about 4.30am!!! And I was so impressed as Emma and Sean (who always slope off to bed early on a night out) lasted until 4.10am!! That's good going!!This photo was taken about 3.30am! It sums up the whole day; Great fun with some amazingly brilliant entertaining people... but when all was said and done it was about these two!

I love that all this craziness is going on around them but they only have eyes for each other! Aaww! Congratulations Emma and Sean! I'm glad we could be part of your day!

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Heidi said...

That last photo is makes me feel like I was there. I just love that you blog so I can see all these fun things you and your friends do!!