Thursday, 4 September 2008

Girls night in!

Friday 15th August!
Dan and Emily's Dog, Murphy!! Dressed up as an honorary female for the evening!! He loved it!! (mmm.. well he kept the bow on!) But he did love the attention! Such a flirt!

Since the boys were away for the weekend playing rugby as a pre season training down south Emily invited some of us girlies round for Chinese and a DVD.

All snuggled up on the couch! We all got our jammies on and got cosy!

About 5 minutes after I took this photo I lay back on the armchair and fell straight to sleep!! I was exhausted after being in Ireland for 5 days and staying up late! When I got back I had a day to prepare a presentation for an interview and had to travel through to Glasgow for the interview earlier on before I went round to Emily's... so I think I saw 5 minutes of the movie!

But then I felt great the next day and the other girls were a little worse for wear!! What I did stay awake for was really enjoyable! I had a great night!!

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