Thursday, 4 September 2008

Becky cooks us Sunday Dinner!

Becky cooked us all a gorgeous Family Sunday Dinner- it was so tasty!! She made 2 roast chickens and accompanied them with a host of roasted root vegetables.

I gave Becky a table runner and as part of her birthday present and it looked beautiful on their long dining table. I was very impressed!!
Dougie and my Dad looking up our family holiday location to Cape Cod!
I told my Grandma to smile for the photo and she went to the extreme... she makes me giggle!

A great evening was had by everyone and it was good to catch upas I was going to London on the Tuesday to work for Mum for what I thought would be two weeks.

Nathan still was away at his rugby pre season training weekend so missed out! I met up with him back at his temporary flat after dinner. I think he wished I'd brought him a goodie bag!!

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Heidi said...

Becky must be taking after you....a family full of fabulous cooks - the meal is beautiful!!