Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Re-inventing an outfit!

Well I know I should pretend that I never wear the same outfit twice but I have to confess my finances are not that extravagant right now!

So with three summer weddings to attend I wore the same dress at all three.. I just changed my accessories.. a different pashmina or bolero and a colour coordinating fasinator.

Annabelle and Pete's: Purply Pink fasinator and Bolero with gold shoes and matching bag.
Emma and Sean's: This is what I bought the dress for originally. With a big SJP corsage fasinator and pink pashmina... I loved my little pearl bag too. The shoes I bought for the outfit we decided were too heavy so we stuck with the gold shoes!

Lucy was not quite ready for this photo but you can see my fasinator better.
Amber and David's: You sadly can't see my fasinator in this photo- if I wear it again I have to remember to attach it to my left side- I also smile by tilting my head to the right in photos! (yes I do have a good side and a bad side!!)

So that's my new challenge for every wedding season- to buy one dress but accessorize it with different colours. It's so economic and I was lucky that there was not the same people there- but you know what even if there was... everyone is having to watch there pennies.. it's just reality!

Next we have Duncan and Rebecca's wedding when I return from holiday on the 4th of October- sadly it will be too cold to wear the cream dress but I have got an old pasmina and fasinator (which I made) to accessorize with a new dress. I bought the dress over a year ago so fingers crossed all the Portuguese tarts I've eaten don't prevent me from wearing it!


Vicki said...

I love your outfits, can't wait to see the next one!!

Lark said...

wonderful, i picked up 2 pashminas in Prague, now I can see how they are worn :o)