Friday, 12 September 2008


Well at the moment I am still in London working for my Mum in the Marketing Department... well currently I am the Marketing Dept!!

The Marketing Manager is on Sabatical to Bali for 4 months- lucky thing!! And the Marketing Coordinator in the US office is off on maternity leave... and yesterday my Mum headed out to the States on her 3 week vacation- so there is just little old me left!!

I have a HUGE Submission that I have been working on this week- it's been so frustrating! I don't know the past projects well enough and there is not enough information on the systems- it's in people's heads (not so good when they aren't here!!)

I know they are working on improving their systems but oh boy this week has been a test!

I am almost there though- I just need to get some info from the US office and they don't start their day until 2pm my time... I really hope I don't end up stuck in the office till all hours!!

Once I get past this week I have a great weekend to look forward to.. my sister is coming down tonight and we are meeting some of her good friends for dinner.

Then tomorrow some of my friends- Emm G and her new husband are coming to London and I am hopefully going to catch up with them and Emma B (who lives in London). Then in the afternoon Amber and David are having a BBQ to get everyone together the day before their wedding- which is on Sunday!

So Sunday I will be all dressed up and totting across London to celebrate with them and cheer on Becky as she is a bridesmaid.

Sadly Nathan can't come down but Dougie will be there as will alot of other friends from Edinburgh.

Then I have been asked back for a second interview for another job I went for... The main two interviews I have gone for in the last couple of months I have gotten down to the last 2 candidates but for different reasons I didn't make it over the finish line!!

So I may have to fly back to Edinburgh next Fri to interview- it depends if they can see me then- I hope so! As the week after when they are doing the second interviews I am away on Holiday and I'd really really like this job- it pays less than I want but hopefully we can meet in the middle!

So fingers crossed that I can go up on Friday- and if I can then I can also see Nathan that evening! Hooray! It would be great to see him before I head off to Cape Cod.

Well that's my update- I've had my 15 minute break from my Submission work- I better get back to it!!

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Heidi said...

Woo-hoo - go get 'em girl! I can't wait to see pictures from the wedding and good luck with all the interviews and getting this monster project done!! I love you!