Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Dinner and Dancing at Ambers Bridal Shower

Becky and Amber at dinner in Oloroso.. there were no crowns or fluffy pink anything allowed in here!! We were very well behaved even though later on in the evening another Hen party which was in the private dining room was very noisey!! We were quite the young ladies!!

Becky had more quizzes for us after dinner and this time they were ones we could all do- multipule choice questions about marriage stats. Myself and Tina won!! We were pretty good and knew quite a lot of the answers.... maybe I should be a wedding planner!!
Becky, Amber and I in Tiger Lily... not sure quite why we all ended up in black!! Looking very glam! Although I am about 10 shades lighter than the two of them!! I wish I had a tan!!
Sarah Duncan ran away with herself and treated us all to champagne! It was a lovely suprise!
All of us in Tiger Lily before we went downstairs to the nightclub Lulu- we danced like crazy people! I have brilliant photos of Lisa (David, the groom to be's sister) having a dance off on the dance floor! It was priceless- I definelty have to get them up soon!
Maria, Amber and Sarah D- in the nightclub the pink fluffiness and tiara was back on!! This version even flashed with lights!! Amber's God daughter Lucy had picked it out for her!!

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