Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Google Tag

Well I am pinching this Google Tag thing from my friend Heidi's friend, Chablis (I love nosing on friends of friends blogs!!) Thanks for the cute idea Chablis!

It's not really a tag as I'm tagging myself but hey if you want to do it too it's good fun!!

I'm just looking for some escapism at lunch time!! I have a huge submission to do for work- due on Friday so I need some down time!!

The rules: Answer all the questions and type in the answer into Google images. Find a picture on the first 3 pages and post it. Kind of fun!

My first name: JenniferMy Middle Name: Catriona- I am named after the main character in Robert Louis Stevenson's sequel to his famous book 'Kidnapped' .Catriona was written in 1893. It is Scottish for Katrina.

My last name: Landels

My age: 28My favorite place to visit:Loch Morlich, Cairgorms National Park, Scotland (I love this place!!)I had a really serene and peaceful moment here back in 2002 whilst sitting on the beach looking at the still water and the mountains and it has meant so much since then... it is so beautiful... and this might sound morbid but it's where I want my ashes to be scattered when I pass away.

A place I'd like to visit: I'd love to go back to the Almalfi Coast in Italy and also go to New Zealand. Both Nathan and I feel a draw to NZ- maybe one day we'll end up there!
Where I grew up: EdinburghMy first job: I worked in a shoe store in Princes Street called Cable & Co. Shortly afterwards I left to join Jenners Department store which I loved! My college degree: I studied Printed Textiles

What I'm doing right now: Eating lunchMy grandma's name: Ellen Landels.... and this is her!! Number 1 photo which comes up from my blog!!My mum might be right it is a little freaky what you put out there when you write a blog!

A nickname of a good friend: We all call Hillary- Hills... so it's not too far to leap on the image front!
A past love: When I was at art college I used to really enjoy the drawing classes, particularly the life drawing. About 2 years ago I took it up again and used to go to a class on a Tuesday night but I haven't made the time in the last year or so- plus Tuesday is my floristry course night!! A pet that I've owned: Fluffy, the Ginger Cat!

My favorite color: To many to choose! So Pastel Colours Mainly- also French Blue, Cornflower Blue and Mint Green and white!! (if that counts as a colour!)
A bad habit: I hate DISHES!! So I have been known- on more than one occasion! (try most weeks) to leave the dishes overnight on the work surfaces because I have no energy or enthusiasm for cleaning them after dinner... I do suggest though- if I had a dishwasher (which we can't fit in our tiny kitchen) I would be much better!! ... well maybe!!
... that's such a bad thing to end on!!!


Vicki said...

Jennie, how did you get to be 28, you were only 28 yesterday!!! Miss you!!!

Vicki said...

Jennie, I mean 18 yesterday!

Heidi said...

That was really fun to read!