Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Office Eating!

Well since I have been down here I haven't been eating that healthly- Nathan and I usually make meals from scratch and although my portions are too big they are pretty healthy.

The first weekend I went to Borough Market with my Mum she bought me a Portuguese custard tart. They are gorgeous!!

Then I discovered that the Italian Deli I often go to for lunch makes them- as does this great cake shop called 'Sweet' and so when I have been stressed out I have been talking myself off for a walk and coming back with a Portuguese custard tart!!!

The ones I've been eating aren't as brown as this!

Portuguese-style egg tarts were evolved from "pastel de nata", a traditional Portuguese custard pastry that consists of custard in a crème brûlée-like consistency caramelized fashion in a puff pastry case. It was created more than 200 years ago by Catholic Sisters at Jeronimos Monastery at Belem in Lisbon. Casa Pastéis de Belém was the first pastry shop outside of the convent to sell this pastry in 1837, and it is now a popular pastry in every pastry shop around the world owned by Portuguese descendants.

To balance this out and so I don't turn into a total pork pie I have been taking advantage of one of the benefits of being in this office. They get fruit delivered twice a week! So good! Each floor has a huge bowl full! So it means that we all eat healthly and if you have no pennies for your lunch at least you can have a bunch of grapes and a bananna!

I think every office should provide this!

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Vicki said...

Those tarts look devine!!! I can see where you could eat more than just one. It was nice that you could spend that time with your Mum!