Thursday, 4 September 2008

Train to London!

I took this photo on my train down.. to demonstrate all I saw for over 4 hours and 45 minutes!! Boring!!

I arrived safely on Tuesday 19th of August and was meant to be working for 2 weeks but now it has been extended.

My Mum's Marketing Manager has gone on sabatical and so they had a guy lined up to come on board as a Marketing Coordinator and he pulled out at the last minute- i have stepped in to look after things until they got someone else on board- they have offered the job to a lovely girl- another Jennifer from Edinburgh but she can't start until the end of September so I am back again...

No long train journey this time though!!

I was back in Edinburgh for Amber's hen weekend- sorry bridal shower weekend this past weekend and will now be down in London until the 19th of September.

It's great experience but I am missing Nathan loads!!... plus the pennies will come in very handy!!

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