Thursday, 4 September 2008

Borough Market with Mum!

The first Saturday that I was down in London Mum and I went to Borough Market. It is well known in London as the place to get your vegetables etc and also tasty snacks!!

I often see it on the UKTV Food Channel which sometimes broadcast from there.

It completely lived up to it's expectations!! We had a tasty beef sandwich and then a gorgeous Portuguese Custard Tart (I adored this treat!)

There was a great atmosphere all around the area and we sat in Southwark cathedral courtyard and ate our lunch listening to this band. It made it so pleasant!

There were many stalls with delicious breads and pastries. I was particularly taken with this one!
They had loads of fruit and veg stalls and which were beautifully laid out! I could have take a million photographs!! This was a full stall dedicated to mushrooms of all shapes and sizes!
I would love to come here before a dinner party and pick up all the ingredients fresh that day. You could get your veg, meat, spices everything!! They had alot of gorgeous flowers too...

My Grandad Jimmy used to be a butcher and so I have often thought to ask him about the different cuts of meat and what part of the animal they come from. I saw this poster and thought that it was a great explanation of the varying cuts of meat. I am going to print it out so I know next time I am in the butchers.

It was a great experience and one I would highly recommend if you are a foodie fan and are visiting London, or even if you are a local!

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