Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Amber's Bridal Shower Weekend!


Well I previously posted the invites that my sister and I did for Amber's Bridal Shower Weekend!

It didn't take much time at all before the weekend was upon us when we celebrated our Amber Lindsey becoming Amber Goldapple!! (her and David's wedding is on the 14th of September!)

At the Bridal Shower on the Friday night: Sarah Crawford Wilkinson, Zara Hornibrook, Maria Sloper, Amber, Lisa Derr, (Sarah Duncan hiding at the back!) Me, Becky and Lisa Goldapple!

Becky really did an amazing job on the whole weekend. Our itinary was as follows!

Friday night: Traditional 'American' Bridal Shower for our American Girl!
Sat AM: Breakfast at 10am at Montpelliers in Brunstfield
Sat PM: Pampering at Zen Lifestyle at 1.30pm onward.
Sat Evening: Dinner at Oloroso Restaurant at 7.30pm followed by drinks and dancing at Tiger Lily and Lulu!

I have some photos that are still on my camera but for now here are Becky's photos!

Becky bought these awesome balloons from the local decoration shop- they were huge!!

I was laughing at Amber and Becky when they took this photo as they both look like they are auditioning for Miss America! They have such a similar look!

Everyone brought a dish to Becky's. As I only arrived off my flight at 9pm I had some pretzels and store bought tray bakes tucked in my luggage!! (Never empty handed!)

Amber's Mum had sent over some photocopies of her childhood photos- so cute!! I think she was pretty embarrassed but we loved it! She hasn't really changed!

After we'd had some food Amber opened her gifts! Her mum sent the cutest stuff! Including a back massager- it was a big hit with the two Lisa's!!

Becky had then organized some Mr and Mrs questions for Amber to answer about David. She had also asked David some questions on Amber and so she had to guess if he got them right or wrong... it was lots of fun and meant we learnt more about both Amber and David!!


Bachelor Paul said...
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Vicki said...

Great shower!!! Great to see pictures of you and your mum too!