Tuesday, 9 September 2008

End of Festival Fireworks!

Again.. I have nice photos of the festival fireworks but they are still on my camera!

I really enjoyed being home for the weekend and was so pleased I didn't miss out on the fireworks which signal the end of the festival- I LOVE fireworks!!

Nathan and I went along with our new flatmate Ed, his girlfriend (and my friend) Wendy and our friend's Paul and Loreen.

We went to the family viewing area in Inverlieth Park as you get a great view and it is not so crowded as Princes Street.

It was a lovely end to the weekend and a great chance to snuggle into Nathan as the weather felt like it was changing!!

The end of the festival and the fireworks always signals the end of summer and it used to be the sign that the next week we'd be back to school!!

I however was back to London but not before spending the day on Monday with Nathan!!

Only 5 more weeks till I see him at the beginning of October!! Boo hiss!! That's way too long!

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