Friday, 5 September 2008

Olympic Closing Ceremony and looking forward to London 2012!

The weekend of the Bank Holiday weekend my Mum and I watched the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 2008. The Chinese display was AMAZING! There uniformity was astounding!
I felt very proud seeing Chris Hoy, a British cyclist (although he is Scottish) flying the British flag- he was choosen by the British Athletes to represent them as the flag bearer after winning 3 gold medals in different cycling disiplines- the sizes of that man's legs- I would have given him a medal for them alone!! (I'm a leg lady what can I say!)

Nathan's giving Chris a run for his money in the muscley leg stakes, with all the cycling he doing at the moment!! And with Nathan's 38' leg measurement he certainly keeps my attention- so no need to worry about that!!

I knew where the organizers of London 2012 8 minute display were coming from. London is very diverse and eclectic but I think they kind of lost out on making a huge impact! I liked the high tec bus though!
But the funniest bit of the London part of the ceremony was Boris Johnstone, London's Mayor flying the Olympic flag... he was so nervous and clumsy! But I actually thought it was quite endering- I think he was a little over awed by the whole thing!

The crowds in the Mall in London celebrating being the new Olympic City!

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