Friday, 5 September 2008

The Tudors!

It might be all this Elizabethan influence over the last weekend but my Mum and I decided to buy (well I wanted to and she bought) the Tudors Series 1. I have seen this programme in passing but had never got into it properly.

But I can safely say I am now addicted!!

'The Tudors is a historical fiction TV series created and entirely written by British screenwriter Micheal Hirst. The series is loosely based upon the early reign of English monarch Henry VIII.'

Henry VIII is the English King who had 6 wives- which he mostly had beheaded!! And so it weaves an interesting story! He is also the reason there was a large divide between the Catholic Church and Protestants in the UK.

His daughter was Elizabeth the I so as we are only on his second wive in the second series and they've commissioned a third for 2009.. The Tudors could go on forever!!

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Lark said...

Did you watch the 6 part series on the wives of Henry VIII narrated by David Starkey? It was pretty cool.

I've become a big BBC fan recently with all the period dramas I've been watching. If you want a good girls night (or possibly girls nights) film you must try North and South. Or perhaps you've seen it? It's my favorite and I just looooove it. A must watch and must buy in my opinion.