Monday, 18 August 2008


Well I finally loaded the last load of all our 'extra' stuff into storage so the flat is able to be rented out for the festival.

I decided to leave all my kitchen stuff in the flat as I know they will be doing a lot of cooking and I wanted them to feel at home.

They are such a lovely couple so I am confident unless there are any accidents (which lets face it I am always prone too!!) then I think all the stuff we left in the flat will be safe!!

I had to do a HUGE inventory (mainly made up of the kitchen items!!)

It is a bit ridiculous when you see the extra bits and material possessions that clutter up your house and lifes... Nathan is insistent that half this stuff should not need to come back with me!!
(I think there is a huge portion of it that is Scrapbooking stuff!! If I could just make time then it wouldn't be clutter it would all be in the Scrapbook!!

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