Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Well this is a flying post...

As I said before we have rented out our flat for the festival- I am in full throws of cleaning/ packaging gutting!! As they arrive tomorrow. I have SO SO much stuff! (Accidentally typed SOS there... kind of sums up my day!!)

My Sisters car is in the garage getting fixed and my Dad's car is being used by a work colleague so I have to wait for transportation today! everything is ready to go to get the final things into storage and also the few things I'm taking to my Dad's (although it seems to be growing by the minute!!) So now I am waiting for my Dad to pick me up after he finishes work.

I'm staying at his from tonight but coming back tomorrow to do the finishing touches. Nathan (typical man has not done anything!!... actually he has packed 3 of his boxes!!! truth be told I'm not sure if he has much else excluding clothes in the flat!! Again... I have a lot of stuff!!..Oh dear!)

He is going to move into one of the flats owned by the rugby club for the 3 1/2 weeks we are displaced... it's only 2 mins walk from my Dad's but means that he can go out and not worry about my wrath and my Dad's annoyance if he makes a nose in the wee small hours... which we all know he would!!

So today I've been clearing out every cupboard and cleaning everything from the kitchen sink to the oven (I nearly died accidentally inhaling the oven cleaner fumes!! I really don't advise it!!)

Why is it you always clean your house more when people are coming to stay? Friends/ Relatives... Random Strangers!! I wish my house was this tidy and decluttered all the time... but I guess that would mean parting with all my lovely material possessions.. def not ready to do that!!

I have loads of new posts to update... This past weekend we were in Arran which was brilliant! Loads of photos from there... 203 to be precise but I won't post them all!! Also I made a really tasty few dishes in the last few days... chicken tastic!! As I was trying to clear out the freezer... still not managed it... there are peas and spinach lurking in one of the drawers..oh well!!

Hopefully our new tenants will be happy with our humble abode.

I am not sure what my internet situation will be for the next wee while so hopefully I'll be updating things.

Also had my interview with the another Ad agency and I'm now going back in for a 3rd informal chat next week... it's obviously the way these agencies work!!

Love to everyone!

Jen x


Vicki said...

I really missed you when I read your comment in Heidi's blog. Why are you renting out your flat? I am a little behing in bloging, having Lincoln and Paige and then going on vacation. Will catch up this week. We are going to visit Heidi this weekend. Can't wait!!
Love and hugs, Vicki

Heidi said...

Bless your heart!! Good luck with EVERYTHING!!