Friday, 11 July 2008

Part of History!

Nathan's rugby club- Edinburgh Academicals (Accies) has been in the process of getting a new clubhouse for the last 2 years!! It was meant to be built for this past 150th anniversary season but sadly due to planning problems etc it is only being started now.

There is so much history in the club house. As you can see in this painting depicting 27th March 1871 this is the clubhouse in it's original form.

It's been renovated again over the years and is now in a state of disrepair... so to keep up with the times they are building a new modern building in partnership with a hotel/ restaurant and bar chain in Edinburgh. The new facility will have a gym, 63 bedrooms, medical facilities and lots more. Here's a wee sketch of what it will look like.

So to say good bye to the 'Ben Tod Lounge' and the rest of the old clubhouse we all attended a BBQ at Raeburn Place. It was such a gorgeous evening and later on when the sun went down we all went up stairs to the BTL and because there was no electricity (it had already been cut off) we put candles on bottles and the boys and girls alike all sung lots of rugby songs... no doubt a night that we will be telling our grandkids about!

The clock on the clubhouse is going to be retained for the new modern clubhouse.

Mark and Jamie; Wendy and Ed; The sun going down on Raeburn Place, looking North Park Terrace; Candles and Singing in the Ben Tod Lounge (not that you can see anything in the photo! But it's for atmosphere!!)

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Heidi said...

Wow - what a special thing to be a part of. I love that rugby is such a big part of your life!!