Monday, 21 July 2008

A Brighter Day!

It's amazing how a brighter day just lightens your mood!! This was the view outside our flat this morning! We have hardly ever had clear skies recently. So I took myself off (in my MBTs) and did all my errands down Dalry Road... Post Office, Printing Shop, Supermarket, Drycleaners, Photo Printing Shop etc... such a lovely morning!!

I have an informal chat with another Ad Agency tomorrow and I have also been contacted by a recruitment agency regarding another job that I think I'd be really good at...and have the relevant experience... it's with a huge company so I don't know what my chances are... so fingers crossed!!

So I'm feeling positive today! and long may this weather continue as we had off to the West Coast on our long weekend trip this Thursday... I can't wait!!

1 comment:

carine said...

OHMYGOD... could you be more prolific in your blogging???? You put me to shame.

Your food's looking very tasty miss. Where did you get your big gold letters? I want a big C!

Lets do lunch again soon