Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Marbella Memories!

Last Summer my sister, Becky and her boyfriend, Dougie, Nathan and I, and our friends Mark and Zara all went stay for a week in Zara's Mum and Dad's beautiful holiday house in the south of Spain- it was fantastic and one of the best holidays I'd been on in ages- we just chilled out and relaxed and really enjoyed each others company.

This year we were invited back but with my job situation and finances being tight we had to pull out! Boo hiss!! So on Friday morning Becky, Dougie, Mark and Zara all flew out to spend 10 days in the sun- very jealous!!

I was also feeling sad as Monday the 14th is both Becky and Mark's birthday's so I'd be missing out on Bex's birthday celebrations.

I did however send Birthday packages out with Dougie for both the Birthday people.. in Mark's was more games and toys that they could all play pool side... as the girls were organizing a pool party!!

I got a lovely text from both of them yesterday to say thank you and that Dougie and Zara had already been spoiling them by cooking a massive breakfast!!

Hopefully there will be more opportunities to go out and have a giggle with the Marbella Crew of 2007! Happy Birthday for yesterday Becky and Mark!!

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