Friday, 11 July 2008

Our Dessert Island!

Last Friday- Sunday (including with a hangover on Saturday after Friday nights fun and games at the clubhouse) I worked on Cadburys Chocolate Chilled Desserts! So tasty and just what I need for my waistline at 300+ calories each!!

It was fun though- mainly due to the lovely girls I was working with- Sarah, Anita and Julie.

We were outside a different Supermarket each day giving our "complimentary" desserts - not free!!.. we weren't allowed to say the 'F' word!!! So I thought it would be fun for you all to see my silly costume and our set. I also had on lovely board shorts and flip flops... in Scotland!! Needless to say it rained all Saturday and Sunday and we stayed huddled in our hut!!

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Heidi said...

Love it!! Does your life EVER get boring...seriously!! I love that I get to stay up on all the fun through your blog. I just feel so dang lucky to know you!!