Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Sadly one of Nathan's friend's Dad's past away in the last few weeks. He had an allotment that his wife wishes to keep but as he'd been ill he had not been able to tend to it.

Nathan's Mum, Lily also has an allotment in the same patch so she offered for us to clear it up.

It was actually quite good fun and we had a productive day. Lily and Neil made us all bacon and sausage rolls when we got to their house and I brought a big doggy bag from the afternoon tea the day before for a snack with our cup of tea. Then once we were done Nathan's parents made us a tasty BBQ.

I had such a sense of achievement at the end of the day. I worked on the front part and dug up all the weeds and really tall grasses. I also found a redcurrant bush under other plants and some tiny wee gooseberry bushes. I made a box up of all the fruit and tied some lavender from the allotment together to take round to Margaret. I think she was very appreciative of all the hard work.

Before Neil, Ramen, Lily and Nathan at the bottom of the Allotment.
After Lily and Neil still need to turn the earth over but it has made such a difference already

A bit of my Patch I took out all the weeds and trimmed all the bushes and shrubs.

Neil, Lily, Nathan and I

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