Monday, 21 July 2008

Weekend at home.. continued!

We also did LOADS of cooking this weekend!!

Some of it was to clear out our freezer and some of it was just pure procrastination!!

We made:

Nathan's Special Chicken, Avocado, Apple and Lemon Dressing Salad
Butternut Squash soup (joint effort!)
Blueberry and Porridge Oat Muffins
Raspberry and Chocolate Muffins
Ham Artichoke and lemon Pilaf
Lemon and Garlic Butter Chicken with the full Christmas Dinner trimmings (all from the freezer!)

All recipes to follow!

Then on Saturday night I went round to Amber's for dinner... David comes to pick up all her things this Thursday as they only have 8 weeks till the weekend!! How time flies! It was a lovely dinner of Chicken fijita salad and then Strawberries and Ice cream... so apart from the ice cream it was really healthy!

So I desperately need to get going on my MBTs to work it all off... although I was packing up so much this weekend and lugging boxes around I'm sure I worked off some of the calories!! (........Surely!)

Nathan kindly made us lunch on Saturday and he cooked this delicious dish straight from his head (which he was gloating about as I always use recipe books!!)

Chicken, Avocado, Apple and Lemon Dressing Salad

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Heidi said...

Good job mouth is watering!