Friday, 18 July 2008

Festival Let (Hopefully!)

The outside of our flat.

Living Room with the sun streaming in- this looks onto the street.

Our Bedroom.

Our Spare/ Second Bedroom

As I mentioned previously we are hoping to rent out our flat for the Edinburgh festival. In previous years Nathan has easily rented his flat out with people paying the equivalent of a months mortgage for a weeks rent! Ideal! So we thought we'd try and do the same this year.

We have organized to stay with my Dad throughout August (or whenever we have it rented out!) We are away at Emma H's wedding in Ireland so we shouldn't impose too much. I also rented some storage space to keep all our belongings but so far we have not had any interest! Boo!

It seems that accommodation is majorly down this year. Usually you wouldn't be able to get a room/ flat for love nor money but some hotels and guest houses still have vacancies!! I hate this credit crunch! (if that's what it is!)

So I have now put it on the internet advertising the flat and the room only- we could cope with someone in our spare room if it elevated some of the financial pressures!

So here are some photos of the flat... I thought as I was putting them up on the web I should blog them too. So enjoy nosing round the house and if you know anyone who needs accommodation in Edinburgh let me know!!

The Spare Bedroom... the only room that's finished (minus the shelves we are saving for)
I didn't post all these photos in my adverts but I thought it's good to have a nose around!
If we rent it we will move the sofa into the living room and put a double bed in the spare room so the flat could sleep 4-6 people- which is good value for money with the price of festival lets.

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Heidi said...

I just love these pictures! I adore your furniture and all of the organization with the modern baskets and bins. Really beautiful Jennie and I LOVE the sneak peek into your life. Have I told you I love your blog??