Tuesday, 15 July 2008

No Porridge!

With a full Saturday off I didn't really know what to do with myself!!

Nathan had rugby training early so I planned to go and meet Hannah, my old flatmate at the Farmers Market to get some porridge from the Porridge van and some fresh bread, eggs and veg. But on my way there Hannah phoned me to say there was no porridge van this week. We had totally forgotten that it was T- in the Park.. a huge music festival in Scotland this weekend and therefore the Porridge man from Stoats would be there. I love their porridge!! So maybe next weekend!

We headed to Indigo Yard instead and had very tasty poached eggs on toast and loads of coffee as we were there about 2+ hours later having fully caught up on all our chat!

Hannah is coming to Arran on the mass trip in 2 weekends time along with Hillary and I. We are in one car with Nathan, Ed and Wendy in another- although there are 25+ of us in total staying in a B&B for 3 nights.. I can't wait!!

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