Friday, 18 July 2008

Leonard Cohen Concert

Wednesday night Nathan got free tickets for Leonard Cohen- I have to admit that at first I was not sure who he was but on investigation I found out I knew his songs- 'Hallelujah' will be known by everyone (especially if you've watched Shrek recently- although it's not a great rendition!) and I knew Suzanne, Bird on a Wire and Dance me to the end of love.

The concert was at the castle which was such an impressive venue. Leonard Cohen is 73 and he had so much energy and passion... and the dirtiest, most brilliant laugh! His voice was so haunting and when he read out his lyrics like poetry their was a chill that went down your spine! Such a good evening!
Nathan gave his 2 other complimentary tickets to Arthur, who he works with and his wife Margaret. They loved it and were singing along to every song! The whole audience was full of old hippies and rockers! Such a great atmosphere!

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