Friday, 11 July 2008

Bridal Shower Invitations

My sister Becky is one of our friend Amber's bridesmaids for her September wedding. As the other bridesmaid Sarah CW has just given birth to a beautiful wee girl, Claudia- who arrived 5 weeks early and at only 5lbs but getting stronger by the day. Becky has been organizing Amber's hen weekend... oops!! I'm not allowed to call it that! It's her Bridal Shower Weekend.

Becky has put so much effort into it already and was worried she wouldn't get the invites out before she went away on holiday.. so I said I'd help.

I made these with pink, cream and a metallic brown. Amber's bridesmaid dresses are latte and cream.. but we all know she'd have had pink if David, her fiance had agreed!

Becky also got a little lipgloss and nail polish and we made a wee favour as we are going to a beauty salon on the Saturday.

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Heidi said...

Simply beautiful...I just am in love with your creativity. I can't stop looking at the beautiful card you sent me!! It is just beautiful and I just love you so much!!