Monday, 7 July 2008

Emma H's Hen Party!

We played the Mr and Mrs game. Emma B had got Sean to answer loads of questions and Emma had to try and guess his answers correctly. If she got a good mark out of ten she got a prize and if she got lots wrong we gave her a drink- she was SO good at it!! Only getting 10 questions wrong out of about 100!!

Emma B also made her a scrapbook which we all contributed photos too... so they ranged from Emma aged 6 in the school play to more recent! Very very funny and Emma H was really moved

Francesca and I were sitting next to each other at dinner- she has a great picture before this- when we were caught off guard- me fluffing up my hair for the photo- very funny!

Hillary, Emma B and Emma H- in the restaurant which Emma B had organized- she did such a great job!! the food was awesome- the biggest steaks I've ever seen and some great tapas to start! We also had great wine and the matrade was so funny!

Hillary and I in the hotel before we went out on the Saturday! I love this photo!

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