Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Some great conversation!

For the first time in I don't know how long I had the whole weekend free... no PR jobs, no babysitting and it was so lovely!!

Most of the families I babysit for are on holiday at the moment so I had free evenings!

My Mum was up for the weekend as was my Mum and Dad's friend Bob so on Friday night my parents took us to a lovely local restaurant, First Coast It was so lovely catching up and there were some great stories told.

Bob is really interesting and had recently been to Italy- where his father served during the war and told us some amazing stories about him and his cousins 'pilgrimage' to visit the places their fathers had been. Their journey sounded so amazing as they started in the village their father's grow up in outside Glasgow they had worked as builders and so had been employed around Scotland. Bob and his cousin had traveled to Fort William and around the country before heading to Italy. I love interesting stories like this!

My Mum has also just returned from visiting her relations in North Carolina. They live in Pinehurst and she was telling us all about the 4th of July celebrations- I particularly liked the sound of the pets parade!! he he!!

We also talked about her families history in the US and her Grandparents... I find family history so interesting.

All in all a lovely evening with great food- the vegetarian platter I shared with my Mum was devine!! and some great conversation!

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