Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Steps in the right direction!

Hooray Hooray! We have rented out the flat for the festival!!

The lovely lady, Pamela that I spoke to over the last few days has booked it along with her boyfriend, Brandon. He phoned last night to confirm and we ended up talking on the phone for 30 mins!! They are such a nice couple! I couldn't be happier that they will be in the flat. They even sent a really cute photo of themselves and they look lovely and smiley!

They are coming up from London and she has two stalls in the festival selling silk scarfs, handbags, jackets etc. She usually sells them in the market at Covent Garden. Here is Pamela's website if you want to have a nose- Mac and Pop

She is also looking for someone to work on her second stall from 11-6 every day for the festival- so if anyone knows anyone who is free all of August give me a bell. I would love to have done it but I'm not too sure if that's too close for comfort... them renting a flat from me and then me working for them! Plus I'm away at Emma's wedding for 5 days too.

So positive steps!!

Also the lady from the Ad Agency e-mailed and I am meeting her for a chat next Tuesday... so fingers crossed something comes out of it!!

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Heidi said...

Fingers crossed and hurray! I love her little flower bags...they are precious!