Friday, 18 July 2008

Brightening up the place!

Well this week has been tough... I still have no full time position on the horizon and it's starting to get me down! I have so much time on my hands but I don't seem to be accomplishing anything! And my money isn't going as far as I need!

I worked Monday for the Ad agency I did some work for back in May/ June it was pretty tiring as I was working until 8 on my feet all day! But at least it was helping the bank balance. All my work at the moment is so sporadic and all PR/ Event management for a few days! I need a new job!!

So Tuesday I walked past the local florist and they had a display similar to this in the window so I decided to treat myself!! They brighten the place up so much!!

We have also decided to try and rent out our flat for the Edinburgh festival so I've been spending a lot of time tidying up and boxing up stuff in the hope that we can rent it out for August- or even just the spare room. The sunflowers have cheered me up no end!!

I have an informal chat with another agency on Tuesday so we'll see what happens...

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