Monday, 21 July 2008

Weekend at home!

Nathan and I had such a nice relaxing weekend. We did loads of jobs and got a lot sorted out before we go on our wee break next weekend.

I started doing our inventory or itinerary as I kept calling it!! So if (fingers crossed) we do get any one in the flat we know what we have and what should still be there when they leave... we have or should I say I have SO much stuff!! Our kitchen cupboards are overflowing!!

I also did some framing... taking some inspiration from my friend Heidi and her great blogsite: I got hold of the wallpaper design that we want to eventually use on our bedroom wall and I framed it- along with it's varying colours. Heidi had made a canvas but I was worried this might get torn by any guests. I think they look really nice and will match my quilt. (the wall won't always be lilac!! I hope!! That's one of the next jobs- wallpapering and painting our bedroom.)

I also, again using inspiration from Heidi, ordered some gold letters... they arrived on Saturday morning so I stuck them right up! They are in our bathroom... along with a lovely gold frame of some of our photos from recently.... if you've looked around my blog you probably recognize a few of them!

Nathan was quite shocked when he saw the letters come out the box... I think he thought they'd be a couple of inches high!! But he assures me he really likes them.... I think they are great fun!

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Heidi said...

I positively love it!! You made me feel so special. The letters are amazing!!