Monday, 24 November 2008

The Country Living Fair!

The country living fair was this weekend. Sadly I had to work on Saturday so couldn't meet up with my friend Kate and her boys but I was able to go on Sunday with Hillary. We had a fun road trip through to the SECC in Glasgow.

I forgot my camera- which I was really disappointed about as I could have taken so many photos!

I was really good and spent no money (almost unheard of for me!!) I could have spent £1,000 if I'd had it!! Hills bought a few lovely things including some Christmas shopping.

So here are a few websites of my favourite stalls... it will give you an idea of all the beautiful gifts and home wares on show.
  • Lavender Blue from Longniddry
  • Angel Cake Designs from Peebles
  • Nature's Harvest from Fushiebridge... one of my favourite all time catalogues!!
  • Boxwood from Glasgow
  • Cottage Clutter from Ayrshire... Hills and I had also seen this stall at the RBS Christmas Fair which Becky invited me out to on Wednesday last week. Becky bought a few Christmas ornaments from them then and Hills bought some things at the Country Living Fair- gorgeous!!
  • Snapdragon was an amazing stand that married both horticulture and textiles together. I discovered that the lady that runs it has a blogspot so click here to learn more.
  • VagabondVan boutique on Wheels! I have always LOVED airstream trailers.. I'd love to own one some day in the future and here is an amazing stand that sold vintage clothes and accessories from an airstream!!
  • Jonathan Avery from Morningside.. I LOVE this shop!! I could buy their entire catalogue of stock!
  • Mimu... very gorgeous but expensive handbags... Hills and I were drooling over them!! They even have a woven bag that comes from the same factory the LK Bennett woven bag is made. But the leather and wooden bag was our favourite!!
I loved these memory blocks from Natures Harvest! and a few stalls were selling this cute rusty bucket advent calendar! I love all things Country, Primitive, Shaker and New England style!!
There were so many more beautiful stands that I will have to tell you about in the future!

Though the one thing Hillary and I did think when we went round was that we could make a lot of the crafts on sale... maybe one day when we have the money to start our own business!!

Thanks to Pete for the tickets to the Country Living Show! It was great to see him and Lesley and I am so pleased that Foodieboxes did well over the 4 days! Hooray!!

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Jane said...

Hi Jennie - glad you enjoyed the Fair - Thanks for your kind comments about my stand.
I loved doin the whole show - everyone who came round seemed so interested and appreciative of what all the small businesses there are trying to do.
Best wishes