Monday, 10 November 2008

San and Nelson Visit Cape Cod!

I am determined to update my blog so that I can start doing daily entries!

So here is the third last blog about Cape Cod!!

My sister and Dougie left to visit their friend Ali in Toronto on the Saturday after we arrived. They left really early at 6am to drive back up to Boston.

But it wasn't long till our new visitors arrived! My friend San and her boyfriend Nelson had driven up from New York (which took them over 5 hours!! and they had a scary near miss in an accident!) It was fantastic to see them- especially as they were only able to stay one night and had made such an effort to come up to see me!!

My mum laid out a great platter of food for lunch and we caught up some.. then we realised the time and decided to take a stroll around the little village, Woods Hole. It is a big oceanographic center so we thought we could go and see the exhibition and meet the seals etc... but unfortunately it closed at 4!! (too much talking!) So we wondered slowly home in the rain!!

My Mum and Dad then took us all out for dinner that night to one of the local restaurants, the Landing- the fish was amazing- especially the scallops. Then once we came home San and I caught up more- we talked well into the wee small hours!

Then the next day we got up and my Mum made a brilliant breakfast. It looked like a good day so we thought we'd go for a bike ride but by the time we got ourselves together and stopped talking and catching up it started to rain- just as we set out on our ride!!
After sheltering under a bridge for a wee while we rode from Woods Hole to Falmouth on a cycle path that is called the Shinning Sea Pathway- it is called this as the woman who wrote America America was from Falmouth. It was a little bit eerie as San and I had just been talking about our friend Lauren and also Nathan when I came across a small monument to the Katharine Lee Bates, the woman who wrote the lyrics. It said that she had been climbing a mountain in Colorado Springs (where Lauren lives) when she was inspired to write the lyrics and the mountain was called Pike's Peak! (Nathan's last name!)
Once we got to Falmouth we went for a great lunch at a local cafe and then walked around. It looked so beautiful and really autumnal.
Our bikes chained up in the high street in Falmouth.
Once we cycled back San and Nelson had to get going so they didn't get back to NYC too late on the Sunday night- it was a really quick visit but so much appreciated and really enjoyable!!


Lark said...

Aww, looks like so much fun together. Glad you were able to meet up with San :o)

Heidi said...

So fun - what a perfect little visit, I am so glad you were all able to meet!!