Friday, 14 November 2008

What's Cooking!?

The answer to what's cooking has to be LOADS of lovely food!! One thing I had really missed whilst being in London was cooking. When there is only one of you eating or when my Mum and I were getting back at 8.30/9pm the last thing we wanted to do was cook a big meal. So I have been loving getting back in the kitchen in the last month.
Nathan and I are so lucky as we benefit from Lily and Neil (Nathan's parents) hard work and effort in their allotment. We feel like we've had a proper harvest- there are lots of potatoes and onions, turnips, red cabbage and parsnips that have grown this year. The potatoes are out of this world!
There have been an abundance of squash in the shops recently so I have been making the Spicy Butternut Squash soup a lot. I served it with garlic bread as a starter one night and it was so good! Really warming and exactly what you want on a cold night!
This was a bit out of season but one night I really wanted a lot of veg and chicken so I ended up chicken kebabs and tabbouleh (I'm not sure that's spelt right!) It was so tasty!
One of Nathan's Mum Lily's allotment neighbours grew these chillies and she passed some on to us. Notice her note saying that we should be warned as they are hot, hot, hot!! And my word so they were!!
Nathan cooked a great pot of very hot chilli!! And we had a great nachos tea!
Nathan cooking away his sinus cleansing chili!
Since it's now Autumn I decided to make a good winter dinner. My main was cottage pie loaded with veggies- carrots, peas, courgettes, onions with a tasty red wine gravy!
I topped the cottage pie with leeks (a trick I learnt from Nathan) and then a little cheese (Nathan loves his cheese!!
Oven cooked tea- cottage pie and crumble.

Apple (from lily's allotment) Lime and raspberry crumble with custard. A great dessert that sticks to your bones!! And keeps you nice and toasty throughout the cold months of the year!!


Vicki said...

Jennie, I loved this blogg!! All those yummy vegies, and the dishes that you guys made!! If you ever get a chance I would love your squash soup, cottage pie/leeks and cheese and lime and rasberry crumble recipies. love ya

Heidi said...

Yeow!!!! Yum!!