Thursday, 13 November 2008

My sister's mini reunion!

Friday October 17th-

My sister's best friend at school was a lovely person called Mags. They were the most unlikely pairing as my sister was blonde, fake tanned and looked pretty commercial where as Mags is into all things holistic and is a free spirit! She now lives in Greece with her fiance Richard and has her own massage/ reiki business. It looks beautiful there and I would love to go one day!

They were across visiting family and loved ones this past month and so my sister took the opportunity to organize a dinner for all her friends within this group from school. Being her big sister I have grown up with them all too and now consider a lot of her friends as my friends too- so Nathan and I gatecrashed their dinner!!
My sister, Becky with her friends from school- Mags (Sarah) and Annabelle.
The group from school- Mark , Pete, Stu , Becky, Lesley, Mags and Annabelle.
Dougie, Becky, Mags and Richard (Mags fiance)
All of us outside of Gusto where we ate dinner. Pete & Annabelle Burns, Nathan, Mags, Stu, Becky, Mark (peeping out) Lesley (peeping out) Richard and Mags!

After dinner we went to Candy Bar where we stayed till late. After that Nathan and I lost everyone as we went to the bank machine. So we went to Opal Lounge (where we thought we were all going!) But no one was in there... since we were in there we stayed and had a great night just the two of us drinking away!! We hadn't been out like that in a long time.. (especially on a Friday as Nathan usually has rugby but sadly at the moment he is injured) but we had fun and even decided to reenact when we got together in the Opal Lounge 2 years before!! (;-P)

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Heidi said...

I love the relationship you and Becky have......such wonderful sisters!!