Thursday, 13 November 2008

Halloween Decorations!

As most of you know I will celebrate anything! As long as it comes with loads of decorations and need for sprinkles, confetti and a chance to be creative!!

I LOVE Halloween but for the last 2 years all my decorations have been in storage! (they have had a few things added over those two years also!!) So it was great to bring it all together and make the flat look very festive!!
I bought these lanterns on Martha's vineyard. We hung two in the window and put the other, larger one on as the main light shade- so we were bathed in orange light! Fun fun fun!!
Since Ed has moved in we have had to move the spare room couch into the front room to make way for his bed. I think you'll agree that it looks good in this room and not out of place- considering it wasn't picked for this purpose!! (and the great thing is it's a sofa bed so if you ever need a place to rest your head!!)
Hillary and I went a little pumpkintstic when we went to Sainsburys! We purchased all shapes and sizes!Hillary and I spent the Friday night carving some pumpkins to get in the festive mood!! I love her lady pumpkin!! I drew bats on mine and when the candle light up the lantern it cast fantastic shadows onto the wall!!

This was one of my favourite decorations that I made for Halloween... I got a couple of bunches of cheap roses from Somerfield and made a round bouquet and tied it together with this strand of wire beads. I placed it in a black vase for effect.
My friend Herculine hosted a Halloween Hen (Bridal Shower) Party for our friend Christine the next week and they dressed her up as the bride of Frankenstein and used this as her bouquet! (the flowers had started to die by then but it added to the effect they were looking for!!)
This was my basic table decorations before all the food was displayed on the Sunday. I LOVED the candelabra.. I have had it for a while but it never looked better. I got black candles and intertwined 'spiders web' cotton from the joke shop. Then I also picked up some spider rings from the joke shop and clipped them around the candles.. they blended in really well and looked great! I was totally gutted as (my own fault) but I broke the candelabra so if anyone sees another like it let me know. I got it in John Lewis and it folds up to be flat!!)
Using candy that my Aunt kindly bought me in the US I filled a glass with sweeties of Halloween and Autumn colour for a dramatic effect! I also used the spider rings on the candles again!
I LOVED this too... and plan to use this idea for a few different seasons. I picked up a round bowl and the coloured pebbles on sale at International. I thought the orange and black looked really dramatic and with the table mat (that I totally forgot I had it really added to it!)

Never a corner do I miss for the chance to decorate!! I filled a vase with some fake autumnal leaves and added a wee highlight of orange with the tapered candles and pumpkin candles too.
Whilst I prepared for my Halloween brunch Nathan went out to his rugby club fancy dress party. He was teen wolf!! The irony being although he looks pretty scary with this mask he was almost as hairy under it!!

Notice his black stick on nails!! I had to do them before he went out-something I never thought I would have to do! Nathan was so funny complaining that he couldn't do anything with them on!

There was a boys only dinner (which was a little crazy I think!) and then they met up with some of the girls later (they had gone for a separate dinner in 'fancy dresses' all dolled up and looking gorgeous!) but I made the decision that I'd spend my pennies on my Halloween brunch the following day so I could catch up with everyone properly! It was def a good decision! Although I wish i could have done both!!

I loved all my Halloween decorations! Martha watch out!!

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Heidi said...

So cute!!!! That rose flower arrangment is amazing!!! I just love seeing all that you are doing!!